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How we can help you

How we can help you

We can help you in many different ways including:

  • Help and information - We will be pleased to answer your questions
  • Discuss your options - we can explain your pension and retirement options
  • We will be pleased to advice you - See how our advice process works

How much does it cost to get help or advice?

The short answer is help and information is free but we charge a fee if we give you financial advice.

The longer answer is most people feel comfortable with our three-step process:

  • 1 Putting your toe in the water - we need to get know each other
  • 2 Analysis and research - we will analysis your pensions and research your options
  • 3 Financial advice - we will recommend the best solution for your circumstances

In most cases we don't have to charge a fee until step 3 and will agree our fees in advance of any chargeable work. Normally, our fee can be taken from your pension pot so don't have to write a personal check

We know you will want to know what our fees are so look at the cost of advice tool at, as we try to keep our fees in line with those quoted on this independent and unbiased website.

Why financial advice is so important

All financial advice is important and advice at retirement is extremely important. Get good advice and your personal finances will be in good shape and you can look forward to a financially secure retirement with peace of mind and security.

However, if you don’t take financial advice and make your own decisions you run the risk of making some serious mistakes which could result in a less financially secure retirment with lots of worry and anxiety.

Financial advice is more than just making sure your finances are in good shape, it is also about making sure you have don’t have to worry about money matters so you can enjoy your life. Money matters may seem boring and complex, but if your personal finances are in good order it will be so much easier to enjoy the rest of your life.

Why you need financial advice

A good adviser will ensure you make the most of your savings and investments.

You may be tempted to make your own decisions but you run the risk of making serious mistakes and losing lots of money.

There are many reasons why you need to speak to a specialist adviser at Better Retirement:

  • There is a lot at stake so you shouldn't gamble with your personal finances
  • Be serious - free advice, or no-advice is not enough
  • It’s more complex that it seems and it easy to make mistakes
  • It’s difficult to make the right investment decisions
  • You can’t always trust your own instincts
  • Sometimes you simply must take advice

You will be in safe hands with us. Better Retirement has been advising people about all aspects of personal and retirement planning for over 25 years. We are regularly asked by the national press and broadcasters such as the BBC to comment on financial matters.

Help and advice from BRG

There are lots of things you might need advice on including:

  • MORTGAGE – Is your mortgage on track to be paid off by the time you retire and do you have a competitive interest rate?
  • PERSONAL DEBT – If you have excessive amounts of personal debts you should take advice about the best way to manage your borrowings
  • LIFE ASSURANCE – If you or your partner fell under the proverbial bus, will there be enough money to repay the mortgage or keep the family finances going?
  • INCOME PROTECTION – If you fell ill and couldn't work, will there be enough income to pay the household bills?
  • ISAs AND INVESTMENTS – Are you taking advantage of your ISA allowance and are your investments in the best place?
  • PENSIONS and RETIREMENT – Have you made the most of your pension savings and will you have enough income in retirement?
  • LEGAL – Have you and your partner made wills and set up lasting powers of attorney?

Need help?

If you need help please send us a message and one of the team will be pleased to help you.

Send us a message

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